5 Greatest Billy Ray Cyrus 


#1 Some Gave All

About the Song: Cyrus and his first wife, Cindy Smith, wrote Some Gave All in the early 1990s. The couple chatted with a Vietnam War veteran and felt inspired to write the track. This song didn’t initially reach commercial success, but the patriotic spirit of the tune has led to it becoming a fan favorite.

#2 Old Town Road

About the Song: Lil Nas X features Billy Ray Cyrus on his hit 2019 single Old Town Road. It has been categorized as country rap, featuring the signature style of both artists showcased on the track. The song starts with the singer’s characteristic voice crooning the opening lyrics.

#3 Achy Breaky Heart

About the Song: Even if you don’t usually listen to country music, you probably know some of the words to Cyrus’ biggest hit, Achy Breaky Heart. The track soon skyrocketed to number one on the country music charts and stayed in the top spot for over a month.

#4 Somebody New

About the Song: Cyrus released Somebody New in 1993. It peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. This track can be found on It Won’t Be The Last. The album sold over one million copies, earning its platinum record status.

#5 Could’ve Been Me

About the Song: This song marked Cyrus’ second hit and was also the second song he released. It reached number two on the U.S. country music charts and peaked at the top spot in Canada.

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