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5 Greatest Billy Ray Cyrus Songs

5 Greatest Billy Ray Cyrus Songs

You’ve probably heard of Billy Ray Cyrus if you love country music. He’s released more than 50 singles in the last 30 years.

With a track record like his, selecting just five of his best songs can be nearly impossible. We’ve done the hard work for you.

Today we’ll learn more about this country legend’s five best tunes.

Let’s hit it!

About Billy Ray Cyrus

Originally from Kentucky, Billy Ray Cyrus began singing along with his parents at age four. He tried to play the guitar when he was younger but quit when he discovered how difficult it was. With music in the back of his mind, he decided to pursue a career in baseball instead and even received a college scholarship in the sport. 

He finally learned to play the guitar at age 20 and subsequently dropped out of school to pursue music. After an unsuccessful move to L.A., he ended up in Nashville, Tennessee, where he performed as often as possible. 

Cyrus opened a show for Reba McEntire, which earned him his first recording contract. The first single he released reached number one on the charts, and when his future music failed to be as commercially successful, he turned to acting. You might’ve seen this singer on the big screen in the 2001 show Doc or starring alongside his daughter in the 2006 series Hannah Montana. 

The performer has enjoyed a long career in entertainment, and we’ve formed a list of his five best tunes to share with you. He’s released 16 solo albums over the years, but we mostly prefer his earlier songs and his most recent collaboration.

#1 Some Gave All

About the Song:

Cyrus and his first wife, Cindy Smith, wrote Some Gave All in the early 1990s. The couple chatted with a Vietnam War veteran and felt inspired to write the track. This song didn’t initially reach commercial success, but the patriotic spirit of the tune has led to it becoming a fan favorite. 

The heartfelt lyrics of this song tell the story of veterans. They remind us to be thankful because our freedom comes with a price. 

Greatest Lyric:

He left a boy and came back a man
All gave some and some gave all
And if you ever think of me, 
Think of all your liberties, and recall, 
Some gave all.

First Appearance: This song appears on Cyrus’ debut album of the same name, released in 1992. He re-recorded it in 2011 with Jamey Johnson and Craig Morgan, both veterans. 

#2 Old Town Road

About the Song:

Lil Nas X features Billy Ray Cyrus on his hit 2019 single Old Town Road. It has been categorized as country rap, featuring the signature style of both artists showcased on the track. The song starts with the singer’s characteristic voice crooning the opening lyrics. 

If you enjoy this song, you’ll want to check out the official video. The two stars can be described as modern-day cowboy bank robbers in this fun twist on a country video. It draws interesting parallels between the old and the new, with Cyrus singing about sports cars and Lil Nas X rapping about riding horses.

Greatest Lyric:

I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road, 
I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more
Hat down, cross town, living like a rockstar
Ridin’ down Rodeo in my Maserati sports car

First Appearance: The artist Lil Nas X bought a background track online for $30 and used it for this song. It went viral on TikTok in 2018, and he re-recorded a remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus the following year.

#3 Achy Breaky Heart

About the Song:

Even if you don’t usually listen to country music, you probably know some of the words to Cyrus’ biggest hit, Achy Breaky Heart. The track soon skyrocketed to number one on the country music charts and stayed in the top spot for over a month. 

While some listeners may consider this song a bit cheesy, it gained widespread commercial success and helped the album Some Gave All reach the number-one spot in 1992. This tune also inspired a dance known at country dance bars across the U.S. called the Achy Breaky. 

Greatest Lyric:

You can tell my feet to hit the floor,
Or you can tell my lips to tell my fingertips,
They won’t be reaching out for you no more
But don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart

First Appearance: Though his version became more popular, Cyrus’ version wasn’t the original. The Marcy Brothers sang the song written by Don Von Tress with the title Don’t Tell My Heart in 1991. 

#4 Somebody New

About the Song:

Cyrus released Somebody New in 1993. It peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. This track can be found on It Won’t Be The Last. The album sold over one million copies, earning its platinum record status. 

You might consider Cyrus the king of heartbreak, given the popularity of both Achy Breaky Heart and this more intimate break-up song. 

Greatest Lyric:

I’m acting like an actor, dancing like a dancer
But when the curtain falls I always call out for you
As long as I still love you, I hope you never find somebody new

First Appearance: Alex Harvey and Mike Curtis wrote this song for Billy Ray Cyrus. The tune hit radio airplay in 1993 as the album’s second single.

#5 Could’ve Been Me

About the Song:

This song marked Cyrus’ second hit and was also the second song he released. It reached number two on the U.S. country music charts and peaked at the top spot in Canada. 

The lyrics describe a man whose beloved marries another. He reminisces about a time when he nearly married the woman but realizes he has waited too long. His friend almost objected on his behalf at the woman’s wedding, acknowledging what could have been.

Greatest Lyric:

I pulled it out the other day,
But the diamond had lost its shine,
Well, I know how it feels cause my eyes grow dim,
When I think you could’ve been mine

First Appearance: Could’ve Been Me, written by Reed Nielsen and Monty Powell, can be heard on Cyrus’ debut album Some Gave All. 

Billy Ray Cyrus Still Has Our Achy Breaky Hearts

Billy Ray Cyrus has been entertaining American audiences for over thirty years. His remarkable first album went on to take the number-one spot on the charts. This talented performer went on to star both on the stage and the screen. Since his debut, his music helped shape the genre into what it has become today.

From Achy Breaky Heart to Old Town Road, Cyrus’ signature country style captivates our ears.

Which of his songs do you like listening to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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