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Where Are Seals & Crofts Now?

Where Are Seals & Crofts Now?

Hey, remember Seals & Crofts? The guys had a massive 1972 hit, Summer Breeze. 

Yeah, we’re talking about those two with the incredible vocal harmony. 

We decided to dig into these artists’ history and careers and find out what they’re doing now.

Let’s jump in!

The Story of Seals & Crofts

James “Jim” Eugene Seals and Darrell George “Dash” Crofts comprised the soft rock duo Seals & Crofts. Both men are from Texas. Seals comes from a family of musicians, namely country and rockabilly genres. Dash began his career as a singer and drummer. 

The two met in junior high school, playing with Dean Beard and the Crew Cats. The two followed Beard to Los Angeles to play in The Champs. They stayed with the group for seven years. Jim was on sax, and Dash played the drums, their voices mainly heard as backups.

During this time, Seals took on other endeavors. He wrote compositions for Brenda Lee and did some touring with Eddie Cochran. Crofts was drafted during the Vietnam War and assigned to General Westmoreland at Ft. Bragg for his typing speed. We can only assume his musical skills had something to do with that. 

The fifties and sixties were a time of experimentation and networking. Both young men played with different artists and bands, including The Knickerbockers, the Monkees, and Buck Owens, to name a few. They wrote and composed a significant catalog of songs. 

In 1963, Seals, Crofts, Glen Campbell, and Jerry Cole, all Champs band members, formed Glen Campbell and the GCs. They didn’t last long and broke up. Crofts was back in Texas while Seals went on to the Dawnbreakers. Eventually, though, they paired up again. 

Getting the Band Together

Both men are well-known today for their vocals but are also incredible musicians. 

In 1969, Seals & Crofts decided to form their duo with Seals on guitar, saxophone, and fiddle. In addition to his drum skills, Crofts excelled on guitar, mandolin, and keyboards. Their voices were now front and center, creating their groovy sound. 

It took roughly two years before Seals & Crofts had their big break. Album Summer Breeze (1972 Warner Brothers Records) charted at number seven and sold over a million copies. The 1970s was their decade. The atmosphere was anything goes, and they followed their inspiration where it led them. 

The two espoused the Baha’i faith, which underpinned much of their lyrics. They were known to play more personal songs following a concert, often discussing their religion with those that stayed. 

A color illustration of Jim Seals and Dash Crofts singing and playing guitars.

Seals & Crofts’ Best Known Songs

Seals & Crofts released an impressive 14 albums through the 1970s and were one of the top musical acts for soft and pop rock. We forced ourselves to choose just three of their best songs.

Summer Breeze

The single Summer Breeze came out nine days ahead of Seals & Crofts’ aptly named album, Summer Breeze.  In 2013, Rolling Stone listed it as number thirteen in their Best Summer Songs of All Time. We can hear why. 

Jim Seals explained that they tried to create images and impressions in the minds of their listeners. The melody carries us away as the words simply imply, “Summer breeze makes me feel fine. Blowing through the jasmine in my mind.” It just makes you feel so good. 

Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl is the title track of the 1973 album Diamond Girl. It reached number six on the Billboard charts and remains a fan favorite. 

The lyrics read like a love poem. The easy, simple notes and clean vocals introduce the song. It plays like a fine wine. 

Get Closer

We know you can sing it, “Darlin’, if you want me to be closer to you, get closer to me.” So smooth. Get Closer is the title track from Seals & Crofts’ eighth studio album. 

The original single featured Carolyn Willis, formerly of the band Honey Cone. She blends perfectly between the two folk artists for the 1976 Billboard hit classic. 

It’s still relatable on so many levels. 

Where Do Seals & Crofts Currently Live?

In 1980, Seals & Crofts took a hiatus from music to devote more time to their faith and other opportunities. They reunited in 1991 for a few concert appearances and then again in 2004 to release their last album, Traces

The two retired to quieter lives. Jim Seals lived in Costa Rica on a coffee farm for a time before returning to the states with his family. On the other hand, Dash Crofts lived in several different countries. Today he lives with his family on their ranch in Texas.

Who Are Seals & Crofts 2?

Can’t get enough? Seals & Crofts 2 is a family duo of Brady Seals and Dash Croft. Brady Seals is a cousin to Jim Seals, while Lua Crofts is Dash Crofts’ daughter. 

Music is in Brady’s blood, related to several Seals artists. You may know him from the Grammy-nominated sextet Little Texas. For the band, he co-wrote three consecutive number one songs What Might Have Been, God Blessed Texas, and My Love. 

Lua Crofts grew up in the 1970s and 1980s music scene of California. Following her father’s success, she was an in-demand session singer for many bands in the 1990s and 2000s. 

In 2018, Brady and Lua began touring with some of the original duos’ famous catalog of songs. They bring a fresh, soulful sound to the Seals & Crofts classics. 

An Incredible Legacy

Sadly, as we wrote this article, we learned of Jim Seals’ passing on June 6, 2022. Our condolences to the family. Jim and Dash left a fantastic legacy in song and their families.

What’s your favorite Seals & Crofts tune? Let us know in the comments!

J monarrez

Thursday 11th of August 2022

We may never pass this way again..


Sunday 26th of June 2022

My favourite is 'We May Never Pass This Way Again'. It inspired how I live my life.


Saturday 18th of June 2022

Summer Breeze, of course, is my favorite. I love how they employed a toy piano in the song!