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7 Greatest Patty Loveless Songs

7 Greatest Patty Loveless Songs

Patty Loveless songs are known for their emotional lyrics and contemporary twang. As one of the most popular voices of her time, Patty Loveless paved the way for countless female singers and songwriters.

“I wear my feelings on my sleeve… Music is my healing,” Says Patty.

Some might make you dance, and some might make you cry. But which are the greatest Patty Loveless songs? 

Let’s take a listen!

About Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless is an American country singer from the bluegrass state of Kentucky. A daughter of a coal miner, she gained interest in music at an early age. Being cousins with famous country singers Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle certainly helps. 

Although Patty was nervous about taking the stage alongside her singing siblings Dottie and Roger, her courage paid off. She loved it. Some might say it was destiny.

From 1969 until her marriage to Terry Lovelace in 1976, Patty sang with her brother Roger in various cities. Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton also mentored her briefly while Loveless was in Nashville. 

She met drummer Terry Lovelace when she sang with the Wilburn Brothers for a stint. The young newlyweds broke from the band and moved to North Carolina, much to the brothers’ chagrin.

Although Patty’s years in North Carolina were tough, they proved fruitful for songwriting. She waited tables during the day and sang at dive bars in the evenings. She met a lot of lonely people and became one herself. Her marriage was torn apart, and her father died before she could see him one last time.

Going Out On Her Own

Patty moved back to Nashville in 1985, at the tender age of 28. Divorced and longing for the music scene she left behind, Patty’s life experiences were about to pay off. The big A&R reps finally gave her a chance.

Patty released her first single, “Lonely Days, Lonely Nights’, on the MCA label in 1985 and her debut, self-titled album in 1987. Her second album, If My Heart Had Windows, got her the country music recognition she had worked so hard for. By 1988 she was in the Grand Ole Opry and touring with artists like Reba McEntire and George Strait.

Hitting Her Stride

Her break-out album was Honky Tonk Angel, released in 1988. This would become Patty Loveless’s highest-charting album of all time, with several top ten songs. These include Chains, Timber, I’m Falling in Love, and The Lonely Side of Love.

Success continued into the early 90s. Patty’s subsequent two albums delivered hit after hit. She was well established amongst her peers and continued working hard. Unfortunately, she suffered a major medical setback and had vocal surgery in 1992. Luckily for her and her fans, Patty made a full recovery and was back on the road by early 1993.

Patty went on to record 16 studio albums through the late 2000s. She has earned numerous musical awards, including two Grammys, five CMAs, and one American Music Award for Favorite New Country Artist. She’s charted over 40 singles in the Billboard Hot Country Song charts.

Patty Loveless’s songs combine country, bluegrass, and honky tonk – neotraditional country rock at its finest. She brings us stories from a woman who won’t back down and will melt your heart. In addition, she’s worked with a wide range of talented studio musicians and established songwriters. 

Indeed, Patty Loveless is one of the most successful modern country artists of all time.

#7 Hurt Me Bad

About the Song: Hurt Me Bad (In a Real Good Way) has the perfect ingredients for a country hit. The lyrics describe the benefits of being dumped by a jerk. Because without the pain of heartbreak, she would have never found true love. Hurt Me Bad held on tight in the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart for 20 weeks in 1991.

Greatest Lyric

Oh the river of tears,
That flow from my eyes.
Was only moving me on,
To this paradise.

First Appearance: Patty released this bittersweet single in September 1971 on her fifth album, Up Against My Heart.

#6 You Don’t Even Know Who I Am

About the Song: Patty Loveless’s elegy about divorce brings us both sides of a too familiar story. In this case, both the husband and wife surrender to the truth. They may live together, but they don’t know each other anymore. The steel guitar and slow swaying waltz rhythm lend to deep reflection.

Greatest Lyric

She left her ring on the pillow,
Right where it wouldn't be missed.
She left a note in the kitchen, 
Next to the grocery list.

First Appearance: This ballad first appeared on Patty’s eighth studio album, When Fallen Angels Fly, in August of 1994. 

#5 I Try to Think About Elvis

About the Song: This rockin’ country hit charted in both the U.S and Canada in 1994. It’s a fast-moving jingle about using any distraction, from Elvis to Oprah, to spot thinking about lost love. The lyrics are clever and punchy and give foundation to an epically fun music video.

Greatest Lyric:

I try to think about palm trees, Fig leaves, 
The creature from the black lagoon.
I try to think about high heels, And good deals, 
Anything to get me through.

First Appearance: I Try To Think About Elvis was a single in July 1994, and the music video came out shortly afterward. The song is track seven on When Fallen Angels Fly.

#4 Chains

About the Song: Chains is Patty Loveless’s cool and cocky honky tonk declaration. It’s a call to action from a woman determined to leave her partner if she ever gets the grit to do it. The song hit number one on both the US and Canadian Country music charts in 1989.

Greatest Lyric

Every time I leave you I keep running out of chain. 
I hunger for your love it never gives me any slack. 
But if I ever break away, 
I'm never coming back to these…

First Appearance: This spunky single appeared on Patty’s 1988 breakout album, Honky Tonk Angel.

#3 You Can Feel Bad

About the Song: You Can Feel Bad is the song we all want to sing to ex- whatever. Yeah, you hurt us, so be our guest and feel bad. Please! With a sweet humming intro, this contemporary tune is country catharsis.

Greatest Lyric:

Yeah take another look at these tears I'm crying. 
They're not fallin' on your shoulders they're fallin' on mine.

First Appearance: Patty released this heartbreaker as a single in December 1995. It’s track six on the album, The Trouble With The Truth, released one month later.

#2 Timber, I’m Falling in Love

About the Song: This classic was the first number one hit by Patty Loveless. Bring on the cute guitar twang and the simple four-four beat, the marching rhythm of falling in love. The tune has a light, playful melody that reminds you of the sparkly fresh quality of new love.

Greatest Lyric

It started slow, it's coming fast. 
I got a feelin’ it's gonna last.
Timber I'm falling in love

First Appearance: Written by the famous songwriter, Kostas, this chartbuster is on the 1988 album Honky Tonk Angel.

#1 Blame it on Your Heart

About the Song: This song is so good. Blame it on your heart was the first single after Patty’s throat surgery. It was number one on the Billboard Country charts and has been covered by several musicians since. It’s an ass-kickin’, bird flippin’, riot-readin’ breakup song. With violin, steel guitar, and honky tonk swing, this track is sittin’ pretty as our number one pick.

Greatest Lyric

So blame it on your lying, cheating, 
Cold, dead beatin’, two-timing, double-dealing
Mean, mistreatin’, lovin' heart.

First Appearance: This ball-bustin’ kicker came in as track six on Patty’s 1993 album, Only What I Feel.

Which Patty Loveless Song is Your Favorite?

With such a beautiful, strong, and recognizable voice, it’s easy to let the Loveless playlist keep rollin’. Patty’s independent flair mixed with country tradition is a force that’s hard to pin down. But we made it to seven picks! Which do you think is the greatest Patty Loveless song?