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Who Wrote The Intro Music for Good Mythical Morning?

Who Wrote The Intro Music for Good Mythical Morning?

Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning use happy and playful background sounds for their intro music. The intro certainly matches their seriously funny YouTube channel’s theme.

And that made us curious. Who wrote such great intro music for their program?

We dug into the Internet to bring you the answer, or rather, answers.

Let’s take a look!

What is Good Mythical Morning?

Good Mythical Morning, or GMM, uploads to YouTube every weekday morning. Each episode involves the famous duo playing a game, conducting a taste test, entertaining guests, and having goofy, friendly fun. 

Episodes run between nine and 30 minutes long. They end the show with a spin of the “Wheel of Mythicality,” the results of which get shared in a more laid-back aftershow, Good Mythical More.

With over 17.6 million subscribers to their channel, Rhett and Link also branch into several other media properties. You can find them and their guests on other programs like Ear Biscuits and the acquired Smosh. They also do in-person live shows and have started touring internationally.

On the surface, Rhett and Link appear as light-hearted guys just having a bit of fun. What you do not see is their business savvy. Their production company, Mythical Entertainment, produces many industry products, such as videos, books, merchandise, and commercials.

Rhett and Link met in the first grade; both boys got in trouble for the same reason (they wrote swear words on their desks.) They’ve been best friends ever since, and funny ones at that. Their skills go beyond entertainment. 

Both men graduated from North Carolina State University with honors in engineering. While they worked as engineers, they continued to make videos and perform comedy for the religious organization Cru.

Eventually, they decided to become full-time entertainers. Their comedic focus was on evangelical Christian meetings and conferences. As they transitioned to YouTube full-time, they did so without the Christian ministry.

Today, Rhett and Link live in the Los Angeles metro area with their families. They like supporting online talent, which leads us to the source of Good Mythical Morning’s intro music. 

Illustration showing a person with a smiley for their face sitting at a piano, apparently writing music for Good Mythical Morning's intro song.

So Who Wrote Good Mythical Morning’s Intro Music?

Rhett and Link are both musicians, but from 2012 to 2014, they set the GMM tone with royalty-free stock audio. GMM was becoming a huge internet sensation, and it needed its own vibe.

In 2014, Rhett and Link connected by chance with the band Pomplamoose at a conference. The professional relationship was born, and they wrote the original theme song.

Musicians and sound engineers like Jeff Zeigler, Sarah Schmimenec, and Mark Byers all produced Good Mythical Morning music through the years. Their work was based on the original theme created by Pomplamoose.

With the GMM 10th anniversary approaching, Rhett and Link reached back out to Pomplamoose for an updated mix of the original music. While the GMM team worked on the visuals, Pomplamoose worked on the remix. 

To achieve today’s Good Mythical Morning musical introduction, the team created seven versions, four rounds of feedback, 172 hours of video recording and mixing, 142 layers of audio, and 69 emails.

All this for seven seconds of music.

Tell Me More About Pomplamoose

If you’ve not heard of Pomplamoose, you’re missing out as they’re a must. Pomplamoose is a band led by husband-and-wife team Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn (Knutsen.) 

You may recognize Jack Conte from the band, Scary Pocket. But, he’s also the CEO and co-founder of Patreon – the popular online community payment service. 

Nataly is also a solo artist who’s released several albums and solos with indie vibes. She has collaborated with many artists, including Barry Manilow. 

Pomplamoose is a hugely popular YouTube band famous for their expert mashups, producing viral videos since 2008. The band got its name from the French word “Pamplemousse,” which means grapefruit. One of their first hits, Hail Mary, was featured on the YouTube homepage, and their presence took off.

What you see and hear is all created by the Pomplamoose band. There are no hidden sounds like lip- or instrument-syncing in their songs. You can listen to them on YouTube and Spotify and follow them on all the usual socials. 

What Are Some of Pomplamoose’s Better Covers or Mashups?

Without a doubt, Pomplamoose’s mashups are genius. Garnering more than 22.8 million views, the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams intertwined with the White Stripes Seven Nation Army is killer classy. The tempo, where the vocals and the baselines match, is seamless. You’ll love how the band gets into it as everything comes together.

Pomplamoose throws in a bit of indie-funk in the Jamiroquai Bee Gees mashup while pulling together Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity and the Bee Gees’ Stayin Alive. Fans love it, watching it more than 15 million times. The band usually avoids bringing together songs that sound similar, but these two work on so many levels.

In the Daft Punk Something About Us cover, Nataly pulls some savvy vocals, sounding like a French vocoder. One viewer says, “all I can say is everything sounds so crisp, and I feel so warm and toasty when listening to this.” 

Thanks to Good Mythical Morning for Introducing Us to Pomplamoose’s Music

When you hear the Good Mythical Morning music, you know it. It’s a great match for the light-hearted style of the show and a credit to Pomplamoose’s excellent mixing abilities. If you’re looking for some easy humor, catch up on the latest GMM episode. Ready to mash it up a bit? Stream into Pomplamoose. You won’t regret it.

What’s your favorite episode of Good Mythical Morning?

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