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7 Songs About Ice Cream

7 Songs About Ice Cream

It’s summertime, and there’s no better way to enjoy the sun and heat than with a playlist of ice cream songs! 

Ice cream songs have been sung for decades. Some have had multiple covers, while others are one-hit wonders. 

We’re bringing you seven ice cream songs you should have on your list.

Let’s jump in!

Are Tunes About Ice Cream Really About Ice Cream?

Ice cream is such a delicious frozen confection. It’s a fun and sweet way to help beat the heat, and it can be eaten year-round.

Songs about ice cream are sometimes straightforward, such as the Ice Cream Man by Jonathan Richman. It’s truly just about ice cream. However, ice cream can also be a potent metaphor for sex. 

It can be used as a euphemism, such as in Ice Cream Man by Van Halen or Banana Split for My Baby by Louis Prima. Ice cream songs can also evoke a lot of memories in people. Check out our list and see what comes to your mind.

An illustration showing colorful ice cream cones with similarly colored music notes above them, symbolizing ice cream songs.

#1 Banana Split for My Baby by Louis Prima

About the Song: Louis Prima sings this song in his signature throaty gruff blues voice. You might recognize his voice from the 1967 movie Jungle Book, where he played King Louie, the orangutan. The lyrics are from the point of view of a man ordering a banana split for his date. 

He keeps adding more things to the banana split, like a bunch of bananas and six or seven cans of fudge. Louis Prima was a notorious womanizer who was married four times and cheated on every one of his wives. 

It’s safe to say that this song is about more than a banana split and all about sex. In a surprise plot twist, he asks for separate checks and makes her pay for the banana split herself. 

Greatest Lyric

Spray the whipped cream for at least an hour
Pile it as high as the Eiffel Tower
Load it with nuts, about sixteen tons
Top it with a pizza just for fun. 

First Appearance: Louis Prima released Banana Split for My Baby in 1956 on his album The Wildest!

#2 Ice Cream Cakes by Jeff Beck

About the Song: Jeff Beck compares ice cream cakes and lollipop sticks to a woman’s love, and they come up short. Her love is sweeter than anything, and he’s grateful to be loved by her. The song is a groovy, smooth piece with Beck’s signature guitar work and a mellow feel. It’s a perfect song to listen to in summer while eating ice cream cake.

Greatest Lyric

Ice cream cakes, lollipop sticks 
Ain't as sweet as you, no
It's so nice to be loved by somebody
Somebody like you, yeah, yeah, oh.

First Appearance: Beck released Ice Cream Cakes on May 1, 1972, on the album Jeff Beck Group.

#3 Ice Cream Man by Tom Waits

About the Song: Ice Cream Man doesn’t hide the fact that the song is about sex. Tom Waits’ gravelly, raspy voice comes through as a creep with these lyrics. In the piece, he’s the ice cream man driving around the neighborhood with his eyes on a certain girl. 

He tells her he has a surprise for her, and if she “missed me in the alley, baby, don’t you fret, come back around and don’t forget.” Alleys have a slightly seedy and scary reputation for most women, and I don’t think she would want to go back there. 

Then he tells her, “See me coming, you ain’t got no change, show me you can smile, baby just for me, Fix you with a drumstick, I’ll do it for free.” He’s telling this woman that he’ll give her his “drumstick” for free if she just smiles at him. I would say this song has the creepiest lyrics on this list.

Greatest Lyric

Well I'm clicking by your house about 2:45
With sidewalk sundae strawberry surprise
I got a cherry popsicle right on time
A big stick, momma, that will blow your mind.

First Appearance: Waits wrote and released his track on Closing Time in March 1973.

#4 Ice Cream Man by Van Halen

About the Song: If you’re a Van Halen fan, you know that the boys in the band leaned heavily on sexual innuendo. David Lee Roth is infamous for his libido and sexualized lyrics. So it makes sense that he wanted to record this sultry blues song on their first album, released in 1978. 

He’s the ice cream man. He’s got what the ladies want and guarantees their satisfaction. If that’s not enough reason to listen to this awesome version of Ice Cream Man, listen for Eddie Van Halen’s supreme guitar work.

Greatest Lyric

I'm your ice cream man
Stop me when I'm passin' by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy 

First Appearance: Bluesman John Brim previously recorded and released Ice Cream Man in 1953.

#5 Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan

About the Song: It’s a simple love song about how “your love is better than ice cream.” That’s saying a lot because we all know how delicious ice cream is. Of course, she also claims that “your love is better than chocolate,” so it must be the best thing ever. The tune is slow and nostalgic, sung in McLachlan’s signature indie style. 

Greatest Lyric

Your love is better than ice cream
Better than anything else that I've tried

First Appearance: You can find Ice Cream on McLachlan’s album, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, released on October 22, 1993.

#6 Ice Cream Man by Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers

About the Song: Jonathan Richman is known for bringing childlike excitement to his music and shows. This song is actually about the ice cream man – one of the few on this list that doesn’t have a double meaning.

He’s singing about the excitement of seeing the ice cream man on your street. He conveys that feeling of being a child, hearing that iconic ice cream truck music, and knowing that a delicious frozen treat is about to be in your grasp. It would be fun to play in the car with the kids after getting your ice cream treats.

Greatest Lyric

Ice cream man upon my block now
Your chimes, your chimes
They reel and rock.

First Appearance: Ice Cream Man was released in August 1977, on the album Rock’n’Roll, with the Modern Lovers.

#7 I Love Rocky Road by Weird Al Yankovich

About the Song: Weird Al Yankovic is the master of parody and just plain goofiness. He’s written humorous lyrics that parody famous songs and the accompanying videos that poke fun at pop culture. 

I Love Rocky Road is his take on Joan Jett’s cover of I Love Rock and Roll. It’s about a man who is obsessed not just with ice cream but only with rocky road. “Chocolate’s getting old, vanilla just leaves me cold,” he jams. 

This tune is all about rocky road ice cream, and he doesn’t care if it ruins him. “If I get fat and lose my teeth, that’s fine with me, just lock me in the freezer and throw away the key.”

Greatest Lyric

They tell me ice cream junkies are all the same
All the soda jerkers know my name
When their supply is gone
Then I’ll be movin’ on.

First Appearance: Al released I Love Rocky Road on July 8, 1983, on his album, “Weird Al” Yankovic.

The Seduction of Ice Cream

These songs are excellent summertime jams from some fantastic artists. The consensus is that love and lust are just as sweet as ice cream and sometimes better. Whatever your take on these great lyrics, enjoy these tunes on a hot summer day while you’re eating your frozen treat.

Which song is your favorite ice cream song? Let us know in the comments!