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This Was Elvis Presley’s Favorite Sandwich

This Was Elvis Presley’s Favorite Sandwich

Have you ever been tempted to try an Elvis Sandwich? It has such a following that you can find it on restaurant menus across the country. Especially in the South! 

But what exactly is on this sandwich named after the King of Rock and Roll? 

We’re taking a peek between the bread slices to find out what kind of sandwich Elvis loved. You may even have the ingredients on hand and can try it out yourself!

Let’s dig in!

About Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935. Highly religious and devoted to his working-class parents, Elvis fell in love with the gospel music sung at church.

Encouraged by his teacher, 10-year old Elvis entered a singing contest held at the Mississippi–Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. Standing on a chair, dressed as a cowboy, Elvis proudly sang Red Foley’s song, Old Shep. He came in fifth, but it gave him a taste for performing live in front of a crowd. 

The following year, he received his first guitar from his mom. Elvis’ love of music continued to grow from then on. 

In 1948, Elvis and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. There, Elvis formed his clothing, hair, and musical style. He spent a lot of time on Beale Street, the heart of the blues scene in Memphis. 

An Impressive Start

Elvis graduated from Humes High School in 1953. The following year, he made his first demo record at Sun Records. He impressed the record label owner, Sam Phillips, so much that Phillips took the young Elvis under his wing. The following year, at the age of 19, Elvis released his first single, That’s All Right. 

Presley’s first number one hit came in 1955 with Heartbreak Hotel. By then, Elvis had developed his signature flashy attire, gyrating hips, and thick sideburns. His good looks and overall appeal helped land him a movie contract in 1956 with Paramount Pictures. 

His first film, Love Me Tender, released in 1956, became a box office hit. 

Drafted into the Army in 1957, and serving in Germany for three years, didn’t seem to dampen Elvis’ career. When he left the Army in 1960, Elvis fully returned to his acting and music career, as popular as ever. 

The 1960s saw Elvis continue to rise and remain at the top of music charts. He recorded hit after hit and appeared in several films, including Viva Las Vegas and Blue Hawaii

In 1967, Elvis married Priscilla Beaulieu. She was 18, and he was 22. The following year, their daughter, Lisa Marie, was born. 

The King’s Decline

By the early 1970s, Elvis’ addiction to prescription pills and infidelity put a strain on his marriage. The couple divorced in 1973, and Priscilla got full custody of Lisa Marie.

Over the next few years, Elvis remained popular and toured heavily across America. His health became an issue as his addiction to pills and unhealthy food continued. 

In June 1977, Elvis performed a concert in Indiana, the final date on his tour. He returned to Graceland, fully prepared to begin another tour shortly. 

Two months later, on August 16, at the age of 42, Elvis died from heart failure. Presley was buried in his beloved Graceland, next to his parents and grandmother. 

Elvis recorded 24 studio albums, 17 movie soundtracks, and starred in 33 films throughout his career. Loved by millions of fans, his legacy continues to this day. Graceland remains open to the public and receives over 500,000 visitors annually. 

Did Elvis Really Like Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches?

Actually, it’s a pan-fried peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich that Elvis loved. 

How did Elvis discover this mixture of sandwich ingredients? As the story goes, it all began in Denver, Colorado, in 1976. After a concert in the Mile High City, he and his bodyguards wanted something to eat. They found the Colorado Mine Company, a now-defunct restaurant. 

It was here that Elvis was introduced to the Fool’s Gold Loaf. A sourdough loaf filled with a jar of peanut butter, a pound of bacon, and a jar of jelly. He ate the whole thing himself! 

Back at Graceland, sometime after this initial introduction, Elvis had the late-night munchies. As any good rock and roll star would do, he and his buddies boarded his private jet and headed to Denver. 

The restaurant owners made a massive pile of Fool’s Gold sandwiches and brought them to the hangar. Apparently, someone called in the order ahead of time! 

The more modest version of the Fool’s Gold Loaf eventually became known as The Elvis Sandwich. It’s made with two slices of bread, creamy peanut butter, sliced (or mashed) bananas, and thick-cut bacon. And in true Southern cooking fashion, it’s then fried in a skillet. 

Can you feel your arteries clogging yet? While it may not be the healthiest sandwich choice, it sure does sound tasty!

Elvis’s Best Known Songs

While Elvis recorded many memorable songs, we’ve picked a few of his best-known hits to highlight. 

Jailhouse Rock

Elvis recorded this tune in 1957 for the Jailhouse Rock film soundtrack. It immediately topped US music charts and reached Top 10 status in Belgium, Finland, and Australia. 

Some characters referenced in the song, like Shifty Henry and Sad Sack, were real people. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named Jailhouse Rock one of 500 songs that shaped rock and roll. 

Can’t Help Falling in Love

Released in 1961, this song appeared in Elvis’ album Blue Hawaii and the film of the same name. A famous 1784 French love song Plaisir d’Amour inspired the melody.

The hit has been covered over 500 times by a variety of artists. Bob Dylan, Bono, UB40, and Pearl Jam are just a few who’ve honored the King by singing this great oldie. 

Hound Dog

Did you know Elvis didn’t initially record hound Dog? In 1953, Peacock Records first released this tune from blues singer Big Mama Thornton. With over 500,000 copies sold, it would be Thornton’s only hit song. 

Elvis recorded his version in 1956. Selling over 10 million copies worldwide, Hound Dog became Elvis’ best-selling song. It topped US music charts for a record-breaking 11 weeks.

What Were Elvis’s Favorite Foods?

Elvis wasn’t known for eating the healthiest of food. But his choices were nonetheless delicious and satisfied The King’s healthy appetite for sweets and meat. 

Besides Elvis’ favorite sandwich, he also enjoyed banana pudding. He loved it so much that he insisted it always be available in the Graceland refrigerator. 

Elvis also requested a well-stocked meat supply at all times. According to Pauline Nicholson, a former Graceland cook, “A pound of sausage or a pound of bacon was just a meal for him.”

In addition to meats and his sandwiches, Elvis also loved fresh fruit, biscuits, sauerkraut, Pepsi, and hand-squeezed orange juice. So he did manage to get some healthy choices on his plates from time to time. 

Who is Elvis’s Daughter?

Elvis only had one daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. Born on February 1, 1968, to Elvis and Priscilla, she followed her dad’s musical footsteps. Lisa began her music career in 2003 and has released three studio albums to date. 

Lisa Marie has had a few celebrity marriages over the years. She was married to Michael Jackson for two years and Nicholas Cage for 108 days. 

She and her mother joined the Church of Scientology in 1977. Lisa Marie was very active in the Church for many years. But in 2014, citing a growing disconnect with the ideology, Lisa Marie left the Church. 

She currently lives in San Francisco, California, and is the sole heir of her father’s Graceland estate. 

Would You Try Elvis’s Favorite Sandwich?

The Elvis Sandwich is truly fit for a King! What’s not to love about peanut butter, bananas, bacon, and yummy sourdough bread? If you’ve tried this delicacy, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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