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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Live from Daryl’s House

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Live from Daryl’s House

One of the most beloved singers from the 1970s and 80s, Daryl Hall, is also an internet pioneer.

When he had the idea to create his YouTube series, Live from Daryl’s House, it was an experiment. Even today, it’s a unique musical experience. 

With the show’s return in 2023, we’re looking back at what makes it so special. 

Let’s go live!

Daryl Hall’s Award-Winning Musical Performance Show Returns

Variety magazine recently reported on the triumphant return of Live from Daryl’s House in their online publication. The weekly music show isn’t just a flash in the pan, though. It has a long history of excellence. Beginning November 1, 2023, the Webby Award-winning production comes back from a five-year hiatus.

With their announcement, producers let fans know they’re in for a treat. The first episode features Squeeze singer and songwriter Glenn Tilbrook. After that, they’ll have Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke and Robert Fripp from King Crimson. 

November 22nd, viewers can get a glimpse of Andy Grammer, followed by 90s darling Lisa Loeb. Howard Jones ends the season in December.

This eclectic mix will spend time chatting with Daryl Hall and then get a chance to record in his hybrid restaurant studio. Pairings we never knew we needed come about, and the 70s icon blends seamlessly with the past and present alike.

Filmed on location in Pawling, New York, there are over 90 installments from the past online already.

Hall hosts many great artists, including Darius Rucker. Find out more about him in Darius Rucker: The Evolution of a Great Musician.

About the Show, Live From Daryl’s House

Live from Daryl’s House began as a wild idea back in 2007. Hall was tired from being on the road more or less continuously since 1970. So, instead of going out to see the world, he wanted to bring it to him. He decided to stream from his home in Millerton, New York. 

The first episode featured only himself and his band, but that changed quickly. He started inviting visitors in the second episode, where he played with a range of guests.

Everyone who comes on the show performs with the singer, and the mashups are delightful. Well-known musicians and folks you’ve never heard of contribute to Hall and Oates’ songs as well as their own. 

Usually, a local restaurant catered the recordings, and the chef got to make an appearance. As part of the show, they’d walk the crew through one of the recipes. 

Food and bucket list music mashups? We’re already sold!

Once it reached the public, they couldn’t get enough. In 2011, it expanded to broadcast television in 95 markets nationwide. 

Before the hiatus in 2020, they recorded 84 episodes. Ty Taylor from Vintage Trouble, Tommy Shaw from Styx, and Kenny Loggins were the final guests until recently. Clearly, Daryl Hall has something special going on. Even at 77, he’s holding his own and making new music.

You can find new episodes on the artist’s YouTube channel weekly through December 6 this season.

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The Story of Daryl Franklin Hohl

Born in 1946, Daryl Franklin Hohl, known professionally as Daryl Hall, has navigated massive shifts in the musical landscape over his lifetime. Both of his parents were artistically inclined. His father sang in choral groups, while his mother was a vocal coach. 

Before he left high school, Daryl started recording with local musicians.

While at Temple University in Philadelphia, he formed a vocal ensemble with friends called the Temptones. They were so popular that they beat The Delfonics in a local contest. After cutting some demos for Arctic Records, Hall met his match with John Oates in 1967. A fellow student at the university, they soon began performing together. 

Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records saw potential in the duo and signed them in 1972. Together, they’ve sold more records than any other pair in history.

Their top hits include Rich Girl, Kiss on My List, Private Eyes, I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do), and Maneater. We know you have memories associated with these tunes, even if just from karaoke.

Since the beginning of his career, Daryl Hall has left his mark on the world. At least 16 songs he’s written or co-written have made it to the Billboard Hot 100, with six making it to #1. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted him, along with Oates, in 2104. 

He’s worked on reality television with his show Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall on the DIY Network. And with Live from Daryl’s House back on the schedule, he’s ready to do it again.

Where Is Daryl’s House?

Daryl’s House isn’t actually where the man lays his head. When he conceived his show, he also thought of the perfect venue for it. After opening on Halloween 2014, they filmed every episode there. What looks like a rustic roadhouse on the outside is something unique inside.

Located in Pawling, New York, Daryl’s House Club is a music venue and restaurant that plays host to visitors hankering for a bite. The themed menu features adventurous appetizers, spicy soups, and hearty sandwiches. 

Locals love the place because of the laid-back vibe and delicious eats. Internationally inspired dishes bring some of the world to diners, just like Hall wanted.

The best part of the dining room is that it’s right next to the stage. Performances at the space are dinner-theatre style, so you won’t miss a beat if you order dessert. They also have some shows labeled “standing room only,” so don’t count on supper in these cases.

You can reserve a table Wednesday through Sunday for evening meals, with brunch available on the weekends. As they state on their website, “Call before you haul,” since they close for holidays and special events without much notice. They have music on the schedule throughout the week, with special evening events listed on their site. 

Did John Oates Ever Appear on Live From Daryl’s House?

Daryl Hall’s bandmate John Oates has appeared twice since the show began. They recorded a Christmas-themed episode in 2007 titled Trimming the Tree. Together, they played through some of their hits and holiday music. Later, in 2008, Oates came back for another round.

In 2014, the two came up with a plan. Instead of playing in stadiums and arenas, they’d do something special for their fans. When Daryl’s House Club opened, they played a 90-minute show for 300 lucky attendees.

If the local press is any indication, both men loved performing for such a small group. Instead of a chef-catered meal, they ate at the restaurant. And if you weren’t lucky enough to make the list, a live stream broadcasted the music to the world.

Hall released an album compiling many of his solo pieces and Live from Daryl’s House collabs. Pick it up! Before After.

Daryl’s Making His Own Dreams Come True

Music exists to be shared, and Daryl Hall’s show captures that sentiment perfectly. We love going back and watching older episodes. Just like inviting your best friends over for dinner and jamming, each one feels unique. The first of the new season dropped on November 1, so get ‘em while they’re fresh.

And if you’re close enough to visit Daryl’s House in Pawling, New York, you just might run into him!