Who the Hell IsĀ 

Sweet Caroline?

Who Originally Wrote Sweet Caroline?

Neil Diamond, born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family, is a best-selling artist with 38 top 10 hits on Billboards. Born in Brooklyn, he started writing music at 16, eventually gaining national attention after writing hits for The Monkees.

Was Sweet Caroline Written About a Specific Person?

Sweet Caroline, written by JFK's daughter Caroline Kenedy, was inspired by a photo of her riding a horse. The song's lyrics initially were about Marsha, but the three-syllable name Caroline was chosen. Diamond believes love is his greatest inspiration, and understanding the background behind the song helps fans see the love behind it in a new light.

A Song So Sweet

The true story behind Sweet Caroline reveals a captivating melody that stays with listeners long after listening. Share your thoughts on the song's appeal, whether it's an earworm you love or hate.

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