Who Sang Life Is A Highway 

Before Rascal Flatts?

Who Originally Sang Life is a Highway?

Life is a Highway was written and recorded by Canadian musician Tom Cochrane in 1991 as his first solo single. It became a global hit and earned Cochrane two Juno Awards in 1992 for Songwriter and Single of the Year. He is a long-time activist for humanitarian causes and the lyrics were inspired by his trip to West Africa.

How Rascal Flatts Came to Sing Life is a Highway

Rascal Flatts were a successful country-pop trio in the early 2000s, signing with Lyric Street Records and reaching multi-platinum status. Pixar Films approached them to record a number for Cars, which they chose to include Tom Cochrane's Life is a Highway.

When Did Chris LeDoux Sing Life is a Highway?

Chris LeDoux was a popular country singer who passed away from liver disease in 2005 at 56.

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