Who Is

John Popper?

The Story of John Popper

John Popper is a musician from Chardon, Ohio, who started his musical career early with piano, guitar, and cello lessons. He found his true calling when he did a Blues Brothers routine for a high school talent show, inspired by John Belushi's character in the movie. He quit playing trumpet in jazz band and played harmonica instead. He enrolled in the New School for Jazz but dropped out when his band Blues Traveler signed their first contract. He released a solo album, Zygote, in 1999 and has gone back to playing with Blues Traveler and solo in recent years.

Is John Popper a Good Harmonica Player?

John Popper is a virtuoso harmonica player who has played with great bands, collaborated with jam bands, and innovated with a vest that held twelve keys. He also has his own signature harmonica line with Fender.

What Is the H.O.R.D.E. Festival?

H.O.R.D.E. Festival was created in 1992 by Widespread Panic, The Samples, the Spin Doctors, the Aquarium Rescue Unit, and Phish to bring together fans of jam bands, jazz, and rock.

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