Who Actually Wrote 

“The End of the Innocence”?

Who Originally Wrote The End of The Innocence?

Don Henley wrote the lyrics to The End of Innocence, and Bruce Hornsby wrote the music for the song. Together they created a smash hit that’s lasted the test of time.

What Was Henley and Hornby’s Creative Process for The End of The Innocence?

Don Henley and Tom Petty collaborated on the song "Boys of Summer" in 1987, which won a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. Henley asked Hornsby to collaborate on his third solo album, The End of the Innocence. The song's lyrics are evocative and bittersweet, combining political views with nostalgia.

Where is Don Henley Now?

Don Henley continues to write, produce, and perform music, both solo and with the Eagles. The Eagles will perform "Hotel California" in 2022, featuring the song and other Eagles' greatest hits.

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