Where Is Bob SegerĀ 


The Story of Robert Clark Seger

Bob Seger was born in 1945 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and began playing music at 16. He released his first solo single in 1966 and formed the Bob Seger System in 1968, but his next album, Noah, was a flop. He quit music and returned to school in 1969, but returned a year later and formed the Silver Bullet Band in 1974.

Is Bob Seger in the Hall of Fame?

Bob Seger was underappreciated early in his music career, but his hard work paid off with Song of the Century, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Songwriters Hall of Fame.

What is Bob Seger Doing Now?

Bob Seger released his final studio album, I Knew You When, in 2019, and in 2020, his long-time friend and saxophonist Alto Reed passed away from colon cancer. He is no longer touring, but continues to write music.

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