What’s The Greatest Greatest 

Hits Album of All Time?

What Is a Greatest Hits Album?

A greatest hits album is a compilation of an artist's biggest hits, often featuring re-mixes, new tracks, or collaborations. These albums are popular and can boost an artist's career or renew interest before releasing new music. While artists typically support their albums, studios can release them without permission, as seen with the Rolling Stones' 1971 release of Hot Rocks.

The Greatest Greatest Hits Album of All Time

There are various opinions on the best greatest hits album of all time, with Madonna's Immaculate Collection being the best-selling solo album with 30 million copies sold. Queen's Greatest Hits is the UK's best-selling album. Eagles' Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) is the best-selling album, with all singles charting in the top 40 or top ten. Digging Into Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) About The Eagles

How Many Greatest Hits Albums Do The Eagles Have?

Eagles released their Greatest Hits V. 2 in 1982, featuring previously unreleased hits like Hotel California. The band released The Best of Eagles in 1985, The Legend of Eagles in 1988, and The Very Best of Eagles in 1994. They released Selected Works 1972-1979 in 2000 and five more compilations since 2018.

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