The History 

of Funk

What Is Funk?

Funk is dance music that evolved from Soul, R&B, and traditional African-American rhythms. Syncopated piano and southern drawl are key markers of funk, as well as the slap sound of the bass. Examples include tracks like Jungle Boogie and Word Up.

Who Was the King of Funk?

James Brown was the king of funk, claiming the grand title of the godfather of soul and molding the genre. He created his soul style using distinctive rhythm, bold vocals, and dance moves. His use of call and response, downtempo beats, and emphasis on the 'one' beat made funk explode into the 70s.

How Has Funk Changed Through the Years?

Funk music started as a sub-genre of the jazz and be-bop era of the 1950s. At first, it was a subtle difference in rhythm and beat. But by the 70s, funk music came into its own. Let’s see how its voice grew louder over the decades.

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