What is 

Outsider Music?

About Outsider Music

Outsider music is a genre that lacks polish and quality control, often coming from self-taught or inexperienced musicians who lack access to professional studios. It grew out of the concept of "art brut" or "raw art" and includes artists such as Daniel Johnston, Jandek, and The Shaggs.

Who Coined the Term Outsider Music?

Irwin Chusid coined the term outsider music in 1996, calling it "unintentional renegades" due to their lack of self-awareness. He considered these creators more authentically artistic than their celebrity counterparts.

Is There a Book About Outsider Music?

Irwin Chusid's Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music celebrates outsider musicians and their work, including songs by Wesley Willis and Jack Mudurian.

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