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What Is Rockabilly?

Rockabilly was a genre of music that combined rhythm and blues with country music. It was popularized by artists such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry, and youths embraced it and formed a subculture around it. It featured twangy vocals, doo-wop acapella singers, and bluesy chord progressions.

Where Did Rockabilly Music Originate?

Rockabilly was born in the 20s, with Bill Haley's 1952 recording of Rock This Joint being the first. Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, and British invasion bands further defined the sound.

What Defines the Music?

Rockabilly is a mix of country and blues, with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, vocalist, echo, reverb, delay, and deep, croony vocals. It captures the American youth.

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