Unbelievable Secrets About The Beatles 

That Will Shock You!

Who Were The Beatles?

The Beatles were a successful group in the 1960s, released 12 studio albums, and were instantly recognizable. John Lennon and Paul McCartney met as teens in Liverpool and McCartney joined Lennon's band, the Quarrymen. George Harrison joined and the trio played shows as Johnny and the Moondogs. They scored a big break with a residency in Hamburg, Germany, and hired Pete Best for the drums and Ringo Starr for the bass. Their first string of singles brought a lot of attention and their rebellious attitude made them a great hit with the youth.

Where Can You Learn More About The Beatles and Their Secrets?

The Beatles are a popular source of information about their work and anecdotes, but there are many myths and facts about them. Fact or fiction, the stories are sure to entertain.

Secrets of The Beatles Unveiled

The Beatles' seven years in the spotlight were marked by innovation, influencing contemporary artists.

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