The Women of Heart:

Ann and Nancy Wilson

The Story of Heart

The Wilson sisters grew up in a musical family and formed several bands before joining Heart in the mid-1970s. Their debut album Dreamboat Annie and their eighth album, Heart, reached #1 on the Billboard charts. They released sixteen albums over 40 years before taking a hiatus in 2016.

Why Did Heart Go on a Hiatus in 2016?

Nancy and Ann reunited in 2019 to raise money for a charity concert, Love Rocks, and the Love Alive Tour. After a hiatus, Nancy went on a solo tour with her band Roadcase Royale and Ann performed as Ann Wilson of Heart.

What Is Heart Doing Now?

Nancy and Ann Wilson are planning a celebratory reunion for the 50th anniversary of Heart's beginnings in 2023, with Ann Wilson writing music again and Nancy Wilson touring Canada.

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