The Evolution of Send Me on My Way 

by Rusted Root

About Rusted Root

Rusted Root attracted fans of world music and percussion-heavy jams, often compared to The Grateful Dead.

How Did Rusted Root Create Send Me on My Way?

Rusted Root's iconic song Send Me on My Way was created by lead songwriter Michael Glabicki, who credits a happy feeling, sunny room, and his guitar for creating the song. The penny whistle, also known as the tin whistle, is an instrument not typically heard in modern music, and was performed by member John Buynak. The song was influenced by singer Toni Childs, who used African sounds and instruments in her pieces.

What is Send Me on My Way About?

The lyrics to Send Me on My Way are indecipherable, but lead singer Michael Glabicki explains that they are intentional and not meant to sound like real words.

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