The Evolution of 

David Bowie

The Story of David Bowie

David Bowie was born in 1947 and grew up in London. He was influenced by his older half-brother, who was committed to an asylum due to schizophrenia. He started his professional music career at 16, changing his name to David Bowie. In 1969, he released Space Oddity, which captured the public's imagination. He embraced experimentation throughout his career, inspiring future generations. He died of liver cancer in 2016.

What Were Bowie’s Different Fashion Stages?

Bowie embraced androgynous looks and refused to conform to traditional gender roles, defining many of the glam rock looks today. He used bold reds, psychedelic jumpsuits, bold monochrome power suits, and long, double-breasted jackets to develop stage personas.

The Evolution of David Bowie’s Hairstyles

David Bowie's hairdos shifted with the times, from shaggy to minimalist to mullet to bleached tips and gel-filled spikes. He was never far from the pulse of trends, and his fingers were never far from the pulse of the trends.

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