Revisit Bob Dylan’s Desire Album 

If You’ve Forgotten His Genius

The Story of Bob Dylan

Born Robert Zimmerman in 1941, Bob Dylan was interested in music from a young age and formed several rock and roll cover bands. He moved to American folk music in college and changed his name to Bob Dylan after reading Dylan Thomas' poems.

Who Is the Female Singer on Desire?

Emmylou Harris, the female singer on Bob Dylan's Desire, was born in 1947 in Birmingham, AL. She started playing folk music in coffee houses and was recommended to Gram Parsons by The Flying Burrito Brothers. Harris became a famous American singer, winning 14 Grammy Awards and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bob Dylan’s Album, Desire, Really Was Genius

Bob Dylan's Desire was genius for its unique imagery and storytelling, featuring talented violinist Scarlet Rivera and stunning singer Emmylou Harris as backup singers. It showcases Dylan's story-telling abilities and is considered one of his favorites.

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