Is Money For Nothing

a Homophobic Song?

Who Originally Wrote Money For Nothing?

Third Eye Blind's co-founder, Stephan Jenkins, knew the importance of building relationships in the industry and met Kevin Cadogen at a concert in 1993. They toured regularly, earned recognition, and cycled through drummers and bassists. Their big break came when they opened for Oasis, leading to a bidding war to sign them.

Who First Recorded Money For Nothing?

Dire Straits was the first to record Money for Nothing, which was a #1 hit despite its message of MTV ruining music. The song received 16 nominations and won Best Rock Performance at the Brit Awards, Grammy Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.

Why Do People Say Money For Nothing is Homophobic?

The song Money for Nothing uses a derogatory term for a gay man multiple times, which many listeners feel is homophobic. The lyrics have been debated and controversial for over three decades and have become increasingly unacceptable today. Many radio stations and television programs use an edited version, and in 2011, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council banned radio stations from playing the unedited version. As a result, most stations will err on the side of caution and play the edited version.

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