Who FoundedĀ 

Lilith Fair?

About Lilith Fair

Lilith Fair was a music festival centered around an all-female lineup of artists, aiming to give women the same shot at lucrative touring gigs as men. It was a hit, grossing more than any touring festival and raising over $10 million in charity.

Who Founded Lilith Fair?

Sarah McLachlan co-founded Lilith Fair with Dan Fraser and Terry McBride, and is best known for her late 90s singles Building A Mystery and Angel. She is an Officer of the Order of Canada due to her charity work, Lilith Fair, and exceptional musical talent.

How Did Lilith Fair Change the Music Industry?

Lilith Fair changed the music industry by providing the infrastructure women artists needed to thrive, leading to the rise of female pop groups and solo artists in the 90s.

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