Is Debbie Harry of BlondieĀ 

Still Singing?

The Story of Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry was born Angela Tremble in 1945 and adopted by her adoptive parents. She sang in church choir and worked as a waitress, secretary, and Playboy Bunny before joining an all-girl band called The Stilettos in 1973. Inspired by the catcalls and whistles she received after dyeing her hair blonde, she formed the band Blondie and released a self-titled album in 1976. Their second album, Plastic Letters, topped the European music charts and made them a household name in the U.S. However, the band broke up in 1982 and Harry launched her solo career.

Why Did Blondie Stop Performing?

Blondie broke up in 1982 after Chris Stein was diagnosed with pemphigus vulgaris, leading to the cancellation of their next tour.

What Is Debbie Harry Doing Now?

Debbie Harry is in her late 70s, still writing new music and doing solo work, and has continued her TV and film career.

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