Is 80s INXS Better 

than 90s INXS?

The Story of INXS

INXS was an Australian alt-rock band that hit worldwide success in the late 80s. They changed their name to INXS in 1980 and released four successful albums in a row before becoming international superstars. Accolades include the 1991 Brit Awards, ASCAP awards, Grammy nominations, and MTV awards.

INXS’s Best-Known Songs of the 1990s

Elegantly Wasted Elegantly Wasted is the title track of INXS’ tenth album. The single has a sort of late 90s polished yet trashy sound, which suit the lyrics well. Hutchence wrote them during a period when happiness and fame seemed hard to coexist.

What Was INXS’s Best Album?

INXS' 1987 album Kick is the best, followed by Need You Tonight in 1987 and Shabooh Shoobah in 1982. Their fourth album, The Swing, is the best album to listen to on the road.

What Happened to INXS?

Michael Hutchence's behavior became erratic in the mid-90s, likely due to a 1992 motorcycle accident and traumatic brain injury. Mark Burnett created Rock Star: INXS to replace him, but the band stopped touring in 2012.

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