5 Greatest Songs of the 1960s 

Hippie Movement

#1 Woodstock

About the Song: Folksinger Joni Mitchell wrote Woodstock in 1969 while sitting in her hotel room in New York City. Although Mitchell was a perfect fit for the festival, her manager advised her to perform elsewhere. Although Mitchell missed out, she wrote a song that perfectly captured the monumental three-day hippie event.

#2 San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)

About the Song: If there ever was a more sweet and tender one-hit wonder, we want to know what it is. This 1960s hippie song embodies all that was right with flower power. The lyrics ask if you’re going to San Francisco, the new safe haven for peaceful living, be sure to wear flowers in your hair. It would signal to others that you’re part of the peace and love train.

#3 All You Need is Love

About the Song: John Lennon stood for revolution and change for the better. As the second primary writer for The Beatles, Lennon’s angles were usually more political. And McCartney was more of a pop guy. When it came time to bring a song to the international TV project called Our World, The Beatles went with Lennon’s bleeding heart.

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