7 Great Songs

With Whispering

Angie by The Rolling Stones

Angie, the lead single from The Rolling Stones' 1973 album Goat's Head Soup, is an acoustic takeaway from the band's aggressive rock. The song, which reached number one in the U.S., has a colossal hit and is believed to have originated from Richards' detox from heroin in Switzerland.

Come Together by The Beatles

Come Together, the opening track to The Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road, reached the top of the charts in the U.S. and the UK. John Lennon repurposed the phrase for psychologist Timothy Leary, who experimented with LSD. The song features a groovy sound with whispered lyrics and a bass line drowning out the "me."

I’m Not In Love by 10cc

I'm Not In Love, a 1975 British ballad by 10cc, was written by Eric Stewart to express love without words. The song features a whispered lyrics, with 10cc's secretary, Kathy Redfern, whispering the words. The ASMR vibe is evoked by the multitracked voices and distorted synthesized effects, creating an ethereal and wordless choir whispering.

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