Did Steven Tyler ReleaseĀ 

a Country Album?

About Steven Tyler

Steven Victor Tallarico, the charismatic frontman for Aerosmith, began playing drums at a young age, but switched to singing after discovering the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. He formed a band in 1964 called The Strangers, which eventually changed their name to Chain Reaction.

Why Did Steven Tyler Record a Country Album?

Steven Tyler announced in 2015 that he wanted to take a touring hiatus to focus on a solo album. After meeting the owner of Nashville-based Big Machine Records, Scott Borchetta, he was intrigued. Tyler noticed that rock music was changing significantly and wasn't happy about it.

What is Steven Tyler Doing Now?

Steven Tyler admitted himself to rehab in May 2022 and planned to return to the stage, but canceled his appearance at a Las Vegas gala due to his health.

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