7 Great Rock BandsĀ 

Who Turned Disco


KISS released I Was Made for Lovin' You in 1979, a disco-inspired song with the signature four-on-the-floor bass beat and vocal harmonies of the era. It was a popular song, but some fans accused them of selling out.

#2 Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall is a protest song due to its use of dance hall beats and David Gilmour's funky guitar riffs.

#3 Queen

Queen's disco single, Another One Bites the Dust, inspired them to create a dance album, Hot Space, but many fans and critics found it disappointing. Michael Jackson cited the album as a creative influence. Queen experimented with different fusions.

#4 The Rolling Stones

The British hard-rock pioneers were known for their sexy lyrics and party lifestyle, which fit in well with the club scene. In the mid-70s, Mick Jagger developed a love for fast-tempo beats and bass drums, which helped them produce music that was both raw and dancey.

#5 Paul McCartney and Wings

Paul McCartney is the most successful musician of all time, experimenting with rock and roll and disco to showcase his melodic notes. His song Goodnight Tonight was popular worldwide, but he didn't dabble in dance tunes again for a long time.

#6 Blondie

The band experimented with reggae, punk rock, disco, and club music. Heart of Glass was a disco hit, but the rest of the album was true to their original sound. They also helped bring hip-hop mainstream.

#7 U2

U2's 1997 song Discotheque was a strange chapter for the band, with critics and fans snubbing it, but it saw success on Billboard's dance, alternative, and mainstream rock charts.

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